For 1 to 5 years old

  1. A completed Admission Form should be submitted with the registration fee of £100. This registration fee covers the expense of the application process and is not refundable. This first step places your child on the waiting list for admission.
  2. Once a place has been offered and prior to entry, a deposit of £800 is payable. On receipt of this deposit your child's place is guaranteed. In the event of a cancellation after a place has been accepted the deposit will not be refunded. The deposit will be refunded when your child leaves the nursery, provided a term’s notice has been given in writing.
  3. A full term's fee must be deposited prior to the child commencing nursery.
  4. Notice of termination must be made in writing, allowing a period of one term. If you decide to remove your child from the nursery before the end of term, fees will not be refunded.